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Advent Devotional - The Season of Remembering Christ Advent is..

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Advent Devotional – The Season of Remembering Christ

Advent is the season of expecting, hoping and waiting which starts on 4 Sundays before Christmas and ends on Christmas Eve. Advent is helping us to prepare for the coming or perhaps, the Advent of Christ child at Christmas. Whether you believe it or not, Advent is originally a Latin word that means, coming.

To inspire hope for Christ’s coming, Advent wreath was used by Christians, which is a tradition running for hundreds of years. As you read bible verses and lighting candles, it serves as a reminder of the significance of birth of Christ and be more excited on his coming in our lives, the past and also in the future.

There’s no set meaning for candles of Advent wreath except however the middle candle which is signifying the birth of Christ and it’s typically referred as Christ Candle. If you come to church regularly, you would notice that there are priests who are preaching candles not only as an implication of Christ’s coming but as a mean to bring love, joy, hope and peace. Then again, in some other settings, they are being identified with key figures in the story of Christ’s birth such as the angels, Mary and Joseph and also, let us not forget the shepherds.

Advent wreaths use candles with different colors and some wreaths are using all white candles while others are using three blue or purple candles, one white candle in the middle and one pink candle. These candles have different colors because they have different meaning and to give you an example, the blue or purple candle reminds us of how solemn and serious God’s people are in waiting for their Messiah, the white is showing the celebration and the triumph of the birth of Christ and the pink is showing joy of our waiting.

Just as what we have discussed, Advent originated from Latin word that means Coming or Visit. Now as Christians, Christmas is where we start preparing for the Advent of Christ. As a matter of fact, there are so many things involved in the preparation like for instance, remembering our hope for the second coming of Jesus Christ, remembering Israel’s hope for God’s coming to restore, save and forgive, remembering that we need our savior, Jesus Christ and at last, to prepare for the coming of Christ at Christmas Eve in our hearts.

By simply lighting a candle every week of Advent shows, we are helping ourselves to be prepared for Jesus Christ’s birth. Every candle have a different meaning which is all based on the bible. By understanding all these and allotting time to read the bible as well, it will help us to know the true importance of the birth of Christ to us and for everybody.

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