How to Choose a Mattress

It is almost impossible to list a single mattress and..

How to Choose a Mattress

It is almost impossible to list a single mattress and label it as the best model for everyone. All sleepers have their own opinions about what type of bed feels best for them. There are numerous things to consider when purchasing a mattress that determine what brand and style to look for while shopping. Here are three things that make it easier to narrow down the options.

Consider Previous Injuries

Back, neck, and shoulder injuries, as well as hip or leg problems, contribute to how comfortable a certain mattress type is for the individual. Firm mattresses are often best for people with back pain or shoulder and neck issues. Joint pain that strikes all over, like the pain of arthritis, is often helped by a plush-top mattress with a firm inner layer.

Remember Body Temperature

Memory foam beds are great for cool and cold sleepers that cannot seem to get warm enough at night to stay asleep. The foam helps to retain body heat so the person using the bed is warmer than usual. It is possible for warm sleepers to enjoy the comfort of this type of bed as well. There are plenty of gel-topped foam mattresses that prevent overheating from retained body heat.

Think About Positions

Stomach sleepers have the ability to be comfortable with nearly every type of mattress. Back sleepers should look for a firm mattress. Side sleepers are the most at risk of shoulder and neck pain if they choose the wrong mattress. Their best option is a medium-firm bed that allows the user to sink somewhat into the material so the entire body is supported and aligned. A pillow-topped bed is best for any side sleepers with current shoulder or hip pain. The softness of the topper helps to cushion these pressure points.

Once a firmness is chosen, it is much easier to look at the various materials, types of construction, and brands available. Obviously, it is still difficult to make the choice because of all the options available. To get help with the process, head here and see the reviews of the most popular brands currently on the market.